Marieke Vervoort

I am a lively girl who became paralysed due to a rare condition and thus ended up in a wheelchair in 2000. I didn’t give up though. Sport became an important part of my life, which is why I wrote the book “Wielemie Sporten voor het leven”. In 2006 I became the world AWAD champion in the handcycle category. I again became the world champion in the German city of Hamburg in 2007. My dream came true when I was at the start of the extremely difficult Ironman in Hawaii on 13 October 2007. After many wonderful achievements I was allowed to take part in the Olympics in London. I won the gold and silver medal. I appeal to BES-T products for my sporty challenges. They really make a difference to my achievements and fitness level. 

Team 185

Team 185 is a team of young athletes under the guidance of coaching centre 185 (founder: Marc Herremans). We use AMINO POWER and AMINO ENDURANCE during training and competitions for strong legs and a good mental focus. AMINO ENDURANCE also helps against the rise of cramps. After each sporting achievement AMINO RECOVERY ensures that we can start training with fresh feeling legs the next day! Due to our positive experiences with these products we can recommend them to everyone and guarantee that they will be pleased! 

Pep Sanchez

The BES-T Liquid Patch products pleasantly surprised me. I clearly have better legs and a feel great since using these products. Extreme and severe speed and explosiveness efforts during training sessions are much more manageable thanks to AMINO POWER and AMINO ENDURANCE. AMINO RECOVERY helps me recover much faster