Martial arts

Harut Grigorian

Harut is well-known in the boxing and kickboxing world as one of the greatest talents and most interesting fighters to see in action. He trains in the gym of Daniëlla Somers (eight-time world champion). His success is the result of an unquenching desire to be the best in his sport. This chap manages to beat his opponents with great willpower and physical strength. In 2010 he took the European title in the -70 kg category. Harut says the following about BES-T: “I have very good results when using BES-T products. I can push back remarkable frontiers and the recovery process is much faster.” 

Marat Grigorian

Just like Harut, Marat is a rising start in the world of Muaythai and Kickboxing. He is also trained by Daniëlle Somers (eight-time world champion). According to insiders, Marat has all the qualities to become a big star. He is very popular among the audience because of his well-known aggressive fighting style. Marat became the vice-European champion in 2011 but his ambition is winning the biggest tournaments. About BES-T Marat says: “By regularly using BES-T products I feel a remarkable improvement in my training and competitions.”