MX Kawasaki GP Racing Team

When Thierry Chizat Suzzoni took over the management of the Kawasaki Racing Team at the end of 2008, the Frenchman was aware that success in the world of sport does not come automatically. He developed a professional team to get the green factory machines back onto the stand of the FIM MX1 World Motocross Championship. This was a success! He only wants the very best for the machines as well as the riders. Our riders use BES-T products to always be in top form and to eliminate the well-known arm pump problem. 

Team 185

Team 185 is a team of young athletes under the guidance of coaching centre 185 (founder: Marc Herremans). Arm pump is a familiar problem in the world of motocross and forms a real hindrance to be able to always ride at full speed and uninhibited. After using AMINO ENDURANCE we feel a huge difference. The arm pump is a lot better! This product will undoubtedly be a huge success! We also use AMINO RECOVERY for the ultimate recovery. We clearly have less stiff muscles the next day and feel that our body has enjoyed a much better recovery.