Kiran Badloe

I was bitten by the windsurfing bug in Bonaire. Once back in the Netherlands I continued fanatically. In the beginning of 2007 I came into contact with junior training class Bic Techno 293. My first competition in this class was an immediate success so I really got a taste of sailing in this class. In the same period I was approached by Gaastra/Tabou as a sponsor. In the meantime I have been the Dutch champion three times and came a good eighth at the 2009 World Championship. I took part in the ISAF World Youth Championships at the Olympic board last summer for the first time and came twelfth. My greatest challenge is taking part in the 2016 Olympics. A long way, but I’m up for it! For support of my sporty achievements I recently started using BES-T products. My body feels a lot stronger because of the product and is tired a lot less easily, thus making my training sessions much more effective! The WETSUIT GLIDE is also a super product to help put on and take off my wetsuit.