Liquid Patch Technology

Proteins are constructed from a group of amino acids and play a very important role in the human body. They form our muscle’s building blocks. Proteins are first digested by the body to release the amino acids which guarantees muscle recovery and growth.

BES-T is a 'pioneer' in processing the purest amino acids in a revolutionary product line that is applied directly on the skin. This is the new way to provide your body with amino acids, exactly where you need them, directly to the muscles!

The unique Liquid Patch system enables amino acids to be applied directly to the skin through which they will be absorbed by the body. After application, a protective and breathing layer is formed on top of the skin, called the Liquid Patch. This system ensures the most optimal absorption of amino acids into the muscles underlaying the application zone. In this way BES-T will energize the body by increasing muscular power, endurance and recovery before and after repeated physical exertions.

You decide which muscles to provide with extra amino acids to by treating body parts used in your specific sports discipline.Targeted amino acid intake will ensure your body to remain in top condition and guarantees the best performance and recovery.

BES-T stands for:

  1. Directl nutrition for your muscles
  2. No negative side effects for the digestive system
  3. Rapid effect of amino acids where you need them
  4. More strength, more stamina and better recovery

Important to know

Muscles are continually broken down during sport or when doing physical labour. The more intensively the muscles are used the greater the degradation and the more amino acids required. If your body doesn’t have enough amino acids available then it can never optimally perform, recover and grow. Adequate amino acids are thus an absolute must to push your physical performances to the highest level!