Belgian Champion Iciar Van den Bergh belongs to the top of the world in the discipline bike trial. The 23-year old athlete will become the central figure in the new INSANE TRIAL TEAM. His main goals for 2013 are to reach all world cup finals and shine on the World Cup in South Africa. 

Team manager Pascal Loquet bellieves 2013 will be a succes if Iciar will be safeguarded from misfortunes. A top 5 classification in the world should be achievable.

About us

Bio Essentials Sports – Technology (BES-T®) is the innovation in the sport’s world. The application of worldwide patented technology in sports science has resulted in a new generation of sports supplements that really make a difference. The unique method of application and corresponding results have created a huge increase in popularity among all athletes, in all disciplines and all age groups. This has enabled BES-T® to stamp its mark on the world stage as a professional brand.

Amino Power Research

BES-T subjected the Amino Power to a research trial conducted by the Sport University in Cologne which met the criteria listed below. The aim of the research was to evaluate a single application to the skin on submaximal strength and resistance to fatigue. The rapport is attached. 

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