About us

Bio Essentials Sports – Technology (BES-T®) is the innovation in the sport’s world. The application of worldwide patented technology in sports science has resulted in a new generation of sports supplements that really make a difference. The unique method of application and corresponding results have created a huge increase in popularity among all athletes, in all disciplines and all age groups. This has enabled BES-T® to stamp its mark on the world stage as a professional brand.

Research and development
Our team of scientists discovered a great need in the current market for sports supplements based on amino acids. Research demonstrates that athletes sporting results are determined by the condition of the body part predominantly use in their respective discipline. These body parts demand the greatest allocation of amino acids in order to deliver the very best performances. The targeted uptake of amino acids was impossible until now. BES-T® has made an enormous breakthrough with the development of the Liquid Patch System. This is a system whereby amino acids are applied to the skin and absorbed by the muscles where you need them.

High-tech production facilities
Our entirely internal production process, from raw materials to end product, means that BES-T® guarantees 100% checks on product integrity at all times. BES-T® is the only one in the world to use patented production technology. This technology is essential to generate the Liquid Patch System. A complete process monitoring system has been implemented enabling us to continuously provide the highest quality products. We commit ourselves to constantly finding the world’s most qualified suppliers to collaborate with. All the raw materials are provided with certificates which guarantee their superior purity and quality. After production the products are tested in a high-tech laboratory. It is only after reaching the predetermined standards that the products are released to our customers.

BES-T® produces high-tech products that are affordable for everyone. After all, athletes have the right to top quality products to support and improve their performances. Our number one priorities are quality, innovation and the manufacture of products that exceed the user’s expectations. We concern ourselves with building long term relations with our athletes so that they can achieve their goals. We therefore welcome any feedback!