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AMINO ENDURANCE increases the body’s stamina and resilience. Additionally, waste products produced during sports, like lactate and ammonia, are broken down faster.

Apply the product on the desired parts of the body and massage until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Training days: 20 minutes prior to exercise. Rest days: in the morning.

Based on the amino acid TAURINE

Taurine contains antioxidant properties which work highly effectively in protecting cells and reducing lactate accumulation, thus increasing the body’s stamina and heart and respiratory capacity. Furthermore taurine increases the muscle cell volume thus achieving greater muscle protein synthesis. Taurine also plays an important role in the process of converting glycogen into glucose, which is the muscles main fuel.


  • Combine Amino Power and Amino Endurance for combined strength and endurance sports. Mix both products in your hand before applying to the body.